Confidential waste shredding - KNOW THE FACTS!

Wednesday, April 20, 2011 2:54:00 PM

“Over two hundred thousand British businesses have already fallen victim to identity theft in the UK” (Close Invoice Finance)

Fraudsters have become much more sophisticated in their techniques using all types of data to steal your business identity, especially from non shredded data!  

If you are still shredding your own documents do you realise the costs and problems your business is facing?

Outsourcing shredding not only frees up the valued time of your employees, but also guards against sensitive and confidential information being read by those, for whom it is not intended.

We offer a quick and easy on site disposal of all paper and electronic confidential waste, and provide a Certificate Of Destruction. You can watch the shredding process!

Failure to comply with the Data Protection Act could result in a fine of up to £5000.  In today’s workplace, the basic shredding machines (straight cut shredders) are not compliant with the Act. The majority of companies prosecuted by the Data Protection Registrar are found guilty.

Companies who self-shred cannot prove to clients that the sensitive information has been destroyed. We can provide you with a Certificate Of Destruction, giving you peace of mind and your clients proof you're committed to looking after them.

If a business has confidential waste dealt with in a professional way,  paper-work to prove compliance and the waste product fully recycled, this provides great evidence to aid environmental accreditation for example ISO14001.

 Outsourced shredding....“It’s good for the environment and good for business”


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